From the Heart

I used to Wonder what I would be like if I learned yoga when I was young. Id ask, "Would my life look any different today had movement meditation met my body-mind in high school?"

This year, I had the chance to teach yoga at 3 high schools, one of them as a regular job. I also taught individually an inspiring woman who just finished tenth grade, who I also consider a dear friend. 

I get to touch a lot of people through this practice of yoga. It is this high school demographic that really touches me. I can see and meet that part of me that long ago sought a lens through which to see the world.

In this meeting, I see the seed of myself that exists now, from back then, has grown. The question changes. I ask, "What now? Now that you know of this practice, how does this knowing yoke all experience right now?" 

At this meeting point of knowing and experience, I am touched by the confluence of so many things. Nothing is linear. Every wandering of my pathway here leads directly to the heart from the seed, and they are the same.