Wave Training

“Many a false step was made by standing still.” — Fortune Cookie

I feel like I'm learning to swim again. 

On our retreat to Mexico this spring, I was schooled by the strength of the ocean. The waves were so strong that I got knocked, dragged and pushed in just the first few minutes of diving in to test the water. It was enough to remember the power of Mother Nature and feel some very real fear! 

For the rest of the week, I committed to refining my relationship with water. Every day I went into the ocean for "Wave Training". I learned to watch the waves and choose when to dive over or under each one as they came. I learned there was one place, where if I stayed too long without moving forward or back, I'd get exhausted by constantly navigating the waves. But, if I got past the breaks (and my fear), I could float, flip and dolphin swim, enjoying the power of the ocean. I could enjoy the power of me. 

Since I've returned, I've been asking myself what it would be like to step in more, in all the ways. When we feel the breaks of life, the moments of pushback and sometimes fear, can we trust in our practice to dive in a little more and feel the joy that comes with asking ourselves to reflect the power of nature within us. Can you imagine what that might look like for you?

The waves of life will always come. Our practice is to build resilience and the recognition of choice. If we're standing in the breaks for too long, do we get out of the water? Or go into the deep?